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[ Ninja-Prüfung ] Ninja-Prüfung 98 (Wind)


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Zuletzt bearbeitet von dou*** um 7.3.2017 16:31 Hi everyone, first off i'm not a native german speaker so ill keep writing this in english instead (schuldigung). :victory::victory:

Since there is very little to no info on how to beat level 98 i decided to make this post so everyone can do it without having to go through the struggle of finding what works and what doesn't.

There are a couple of things you're going to need: constant poison or/and ignition (one of those or both), good Tai damage on your standard attacks, water element damage, 6-7 combo so you can burst down the nin clone.

- When the battle starts use Ao's mystery on the Water element clone;

- Kankuro should be able to deal with the "tai" clone midway through round 2 by standard attacking him round 1 and finishing him off in round 2;
- When round 2 starts use Kankuro's mystery on the "nin" clone then use your main's mystery to reset and use Ao's mystery on the Water element;

- When round 3 starts use either Kiba or Kankuro's mysteries with the priority being the "nin" clone although he should already be dead by that point, if yes then just keep spamming kankuros mystery for the aoe poison;

- By round 4 kiba should be dead, if not then use his mystery on the Earth clone (Kiba will either be dead by that point or will die any moment)

- When round 5 approaches it gets really tricky because at that point all your ninjas are literally 1 hit away from death regarless if they're full health or not. Your main will keep spawning clones in front of Ao which will keep him relatively safe but Kankuro will either die or his puppet will be killed off without being able to get a mystery off with him. In round 5 both Ao and your mains mysteries should be up, if Kankuro is still alive use his mystery to spawn a puppet/ult and use Ao's mystery on the water element then hit your mains mystery to reset cool downs then do another round of opaks and hope for the best.


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